Visitor Centre Kraljevica

The Nova Kraljevica castle is the starting point on the historical cultural journey and an invitation to the exploration of the material and spiritual heritage of the Frankopan and Zrinski families, strung from Krk over Vinodol to Gorski Kotar. The builders of this castle, most likely Venetians, arranged the large rectangular complex with four large towers situated at the corners. The visitor’s centre is situated in the western tower and its adjoining hall. In the tower, with its marble fireplace from the time of Katarina Frankopan, interesting programmes such as storytelling and costume interpretations are held, whilst in the adjoining hall there is an interactive exhibition. In the authentic, striking space of the hall there is a dynamic spacious-sculptural exhibit. This meandering playful, and yet architectural, powerfully constructed installation, is the host of the interpretive route and the Frankopan heritage. Using the language of pictograms, multimedia applications and intriguing texts, illustrations and photographs, the interpretation is introduced here with original and wonderful artistic animations and films. The coming together of the sensibility of contemporary artists and the powerful historical family story of Croatian and European significance, makes a visit to this visitor’s centre an unforgettable experience, a prompt for continuing the exploration of ‘The Routes of the Frankopans’. In doing so, playing the interactive game – the Frankopan’s Fortune-Teller and getting your own personal Frankopan prophecy will definitely be of help.