15.12. 2021

The new Frankopan bread Frangipane was presented!

Did you know that the first bread, the ancient staple food of most of the human population, came about by chance around 2600 BC, when an Egyptian slave made flour and water cookies by the fire?

In the early Middle Ages, women kneaded bread at home, and later artisan bakers appeared in larger cities.

Just one such craftsman, a baker in Klana, created Demetra – the first ecologically certified bakery in Croatia, also known as the Bread Gallery. It is about Ranko Lipovšćak who, researching the original records, recreated recipes with ingredients used by the Frankopans themselves and made our new Frankopan bread Frangipane!

Frangipane was presented today at the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, and with that The Routes of the Frankopans project got a gastronomic story, which makes us extremely happy because one of the most important goals of the project is to involve local communities, associations, businessmen and craftsmen.

Other gastronomic delicacies served with Frangipane for tasting are signed by chef Andrej Grgić, owner of the Castrum restaurant in Grobnik, and there is also the inevitable Frankopan wine from the Pavlomir Winery in Vinodol.

We are especially pleased to announce that at the beginning of the new year you will be able to buy Frangipane in bio&bio stores as well as in the Veronika Mini Dairies.

Broken bread (Italian, frangere pane – broken bread) is considered a universal symbol of peace and a strong symbol of our Frankopans because they had it on their new coat of arms.

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