17.12. 2021

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County presented holiday video cards and new Frankopan cake DeliciAna

On Friday, December 17, 2021, another Frankopan activity of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County was held in the Multimedia Hall of the Nova Kraljevica Castle. With a series of interesting, innovative and creative activities, this big county project is constantly pushing the boundaries, so this time the Cultural-Tourist Route The Routes of the Frankopans was presented in a slightly different light.

A series of video greeting cards was presented, which were recorded at eight locations of the interpretation centres of CTR The Routes of the Frankopans. Each of them has its own theme, and everything is connected with the love story of Ana Katarina Frankopan and Petar Zrinski. They were first and foremost people of flesh and blood who, like us, loved each other, quarreled, had their own interests, shortcomings and strengths. Except that they lived in a different time – a lot of things actually remained very similar. The goal was to tell a few historical facts related to the theme of each interpretation centre in a creative and fun way, all through the love story of Ana Katarina Frankopan and Petar Zrinski. All of these historical stories have found a connection to the present, general human characteristics, and the love story. It is through this that we want to satisfy generational differences and develop and use a model that enables the digital age, all in order to attract the attention of a diverse structure of visitors. Through play, love, the path to the past and awareness of the present, a series of eight video greeting cards was created. The main roles are played by Mia Negovetić (Ana Katarina Frankopan) and Petar Baljak (Petar Zrinski), while Alex Đaković and Igor Kondić are behind the other roles. The script, direction, filming and production are signed by Lumiere Production, which consists of Artem Dushkin and Mateo Jurčić and associates.

Watch the series of Frankopan holiday greetings on our YouTube channel Putovima Frankopana.

The love story of Ana Katarina Frankopan and Petar Zrinski is an eternal source of inspiration. Their wedding, held on October 27, 1641, was an unrivaled event, and the great feast at Frankopan’s house lasted without end. Unfortunately, it was the last wedding in both families. At their wedding, Ana Katarina and Petar cut a wedding cake together as a pledge of a happy future, and in those happy moments they had no idea what challenges and film plots life in the capricious 17th century would bring. It was this cake, the queen of all sweets, that strongly connected them, bringing sweetness, joy and fullness into their lives and helping them to defy the bitterness of many challenges together. In memory of Ana Katarina Frankopan and Petar Zrinski, the Opatija confectionery KaoKakao, in cooperation with The Routes of the Frankopans project, presented a new top dessert – DeliciAna cake, compiled by Anja Žulić according to the original recipe taken from the yellowed leaves of 17th century Granat Apffel cookbook. The rich texture of the exciting flavors of DeliciAna cake takes us back to the pastry past, evoking the sweetness and intoxication of the most seductive spice of life – sweet love! And what goes better with a cake than Frankopan champagne we made a toast with for successful activities and the upcoming holidays.

DeliciAna cake with the recently presented Frankopan Frangipane bread is the perfect complement to the gastronomic story of The Routes of the Frankopans and the involvement of the local community, craftsmen and business people in the project.