Order, work and discipline? Of course! But only with an order of creativity, laughter, good fun and a great team in one place! In our #behindthescenes video, find out what the recording of the video looked like from a slightly different perspective…and try not to laugh!

The project of the Cultural-Tourist route The Routes of the Frankopans is layered and comprehensive in its implementation. One part of our project includes cooperation with associations that deal with the preservation of Frankopan heritage, and operate in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. In this context, the project provided a service of making new medieval costumes […]

On our website, under the MULTIMEDIA section, you can find numerous free contents created within the project Cultural-tourist route The Routes of the Frankopans. Specifically, you can find a new rich photo gallery of all twenty locations of the route, video materials (promotional films, sound picture books, etc.), a series of printed materials (monograph, guide-booklet, […]

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