The guardian of origins and Žlahtina

Municipality of Vrbnik

Whatever you look at, touch, smell or taste in Vrbnik - it is original, genuine and refined. The place located on the eastern side of Krk, a guardian of Glagolitic, bearer of the famous indigenous žlahtina wine, and every little street of this miniature town that still retains it mediaeval form – is a story in itself, such as Klančić, the narrowest street in the world, just 50 cm wide.

Sung about in the song 'Vrbniče nad morem’ ('Vrbnik above the sea’), situated on a 50 metre high cliff facing Novi Vinodolski, Vrbnik captures the attention even as you approach from a distance. Once the Vrbnik field under the town was sown with wheat, but in the 19th century this was changed to Vrbnik žlahtina, an indigenous grape, that owes its name to the old Slavic adjective “žlahten” meaning “noble”. Wine tasting is only one of the reasons why Vrbnik is a favourite with tourists, where the houses themselves are museum exhibits because Glagolitic inscriptions can be found on them. Fans of sports activities can participate in the local swimming marathon, the field is dotted with numerous cycling trails, and especially attractive are the August nights in the old Frankopan castle under the title of ‘Gradec na misečni' (‘Castle by moonlight’).

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