Pilgrimage with a sea view

Trsat (Rijeka)

Trsat is one of those places where the vista of the eye matches the width that opens in one’s spirit. The blue sea in front of Rijeka, which bursts before the eyes of the visitors when they climb the steps to the old town, prepares the Marian pilgrims for their inner journey. However, Trsat also opens other horizons, it is a place of rich cultural heritage and as such an ideal promenade for body and soul.

For the eye Trsat is never enough. After enjoying nature, the view extends with countless details, which the Franciscans have carefully preserved, looking after the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, one of Croatia’s oldest Marian shrines. The Frankopan’s Trsat castle was restored in the 19th century by Laval Graf Nugent to be a family mausoleum. In this atmosphere an encounter takes place at Trsat, which during the summer months is the cultural-arts centre of Rijeka with numerous exhibitions, concerts, theatrical shows, and entertainment programmes. In all the other months of the year it is an ideal promenade to encounter the sea and Rijeka from a seagull’s perspective.

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