Old glory of the littoral

Town of Kraljevica

Since ancient times Kraljevica had always been the place that the first routes from the continent touched the sea. Throughout history various activities determined its vista: from the fact that it was an important Austro-Hungarian naval port and the oldest shipyard in the Adriatic to being a pioneer of what is today called health tourism in which a special place was taken by the treatment of the bura - the powerful north-east wind from the Velebit mountain range.

Situated at the entrance of the Bay of Bakar, and in the hinterland blessed with the fertile Vinodol valley, Kraljevica very early on became a favourite tourist destination. Health tourism based on the favourable climate was the beginning. Today Kraljevica is developing an extremely diverse offer: from excursions and bathing to sports and recreation in which maritime heritage is especially important. Also testifying to it is the traditional pilgrimage of sailors to the patron St Nicholas, who recently acquired a rare underwater diving form. The little leisure harbour is developing more and more as a place for the gathering of sailors and boaters, to whom the town offers a whole series of amenities, amongst which are those culturally closely-linked with the two castles and the heritage of the Zrinskis and the Frankopans.

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