Garlands for a quick return

Town of Delnice

Nature, culture, cuisine, and all in an atmosphere of picturesque stories and legends of which particularly attractive are those of ‘Ivanjska krijesnica’, an old Delnice custom when unmarried girls throw floral garlands onto the roof. On whichever line of the roof’s wooden planks the garland would come to rest, that would be how many years the girl would have to wait for her chosen one. If you find yourself in June when the girls throw their garlands – maybe you will quickly return to Delnice and stay forever.

Whilst in Delnice a visit to the Risnjak National Park is something you must treat yourself to. If you are not in a hurry, take the time to visit the Leska educational trail where the forest and other important phenomena of Risnjak are explained the best, plus this short walk will be the ideal excuse to enjoy the highland specialities. For those more thorough a visit to the source of the river Kupa, Petehovac, is a must, and to the unique Japlenški Vrh forest park, which enters the centre of the town, then it is already time that you also visit the cultural sites of the Zrinski castle, Popović’s mil, Rački House and more… And at the end one more Delnice feature – if you find yourself here during the carnival period look for the Crni Lug “pesniki” (bell ringers) who have maintained an old carnival tradition for almost three centuries. They say that an encounter with them brings good luck!

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