The beach that heals

Town of Crikvenica

Crikvenica has what nothing can buy. The microclimate of this town is so pleasant, mild, stable and healthy that it made this little town one of the most famous Croatian centres of health tourism a hundred years ago. However, this is only half of the secret of this tourist spot, which in 2014 was declared the most creative world destination.

The former Frankopan harbour, then an important Pauline centre, Crikvenica has, for a hundred years, been one of the most celebrated flagships of Croatian tourism. It developed health tourism at the very beginning, especially a spa for respiratory illnesses and rheumatism. Crikvenica is proud of its long sandy and pebble beaches linked with a natural footpath. The coastal heritage is especially nurtured during Fisherman’s Week, and a rainy day doesn’t mean you will have to stop with the maritime fun: there is an Aquarium in the town with more than 150 species of fish. Crikvenica is particularly dear to those in love because of the Love Path and it is curious that at the end it has 10 locations, which are claimed to be ideal for the most successful of all cures - a kiss.

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