The homeland of a giant

Town of Čabar

Famous in history for its mines and one of the first iron foundries Čabar, the little town in Gorski Kotar along the border with Slovenia, today offers tourists a completely different picture: it is one of the most forested regions of Croatia with numerous ecological and ethnological zones. If you are a hunter, angler, passionate horse rider, skier or you want to try snowshoeing - Čabar is the choice that you mustn't skip.

The Čabar region is ideal for getting to know the way of the old travellers: by walking. In the region there are as many as 5 educational trails, each of which one tells a particular part of the story of Čabar: The Steps of Tršća’s Miners trail speaks of this tradition, the Predator’s trail speaks about the wonderful world of the forest wilderness, the Tropetarska trail leads to a world of special panoramas, and Plodovi Gorja (Fruits of the Mountains) trail offers the culinary specialities of the region. If you think this is the end, there is a unique energy trail with 6 locations in nature which positively act on human health. Maybe it is also due to these acts that the Čabar region is also known as the homeland of a giant in memory of its most famous goliath Petar Klepac.

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