The deepest pocket of the Mediterranean

Town of Bakar

The sea determined the destiny of Bakar, so it is not wonder that this place is famous for the art of its sailors and nautical school in which they were educated. However, the town, which is built on a hill above the sea like an amphitheatre, is also famous for its beauty – the old centre has long been protected as a cultural monument. To lose oneself in its streets, means to discover a new world.

Before you set off on a walk through Bakar’s streets and squares remember that you are entering a natural European phenomenon. The Bay of Bakar is the place where the Mediterranean Sea is indented the deepest into the European mainland! Two culinary specialities will also sweeten the rich history of the sea and land here: Bakarska vodica (local sparkling white wine) and Bakarski baškot (local type of bread). Once in the Bay of Bakar the Belina white grape sort was grown, from which the widely famous Bakarska vodica sparkling wine was made. The dividing walls of the old vineyards are cultural monuments today. Bakarski baškot, is a double-baked loop of bread which was once taken on long sailings in place of fresh bread. It is traditionally eaten by dipping into wine - which is an ideal way to greet Bakar.

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