Forest star of Ravna gora

Stara Sušica Castle

"First of all the local people will tell you how this Frankopan castle was the witness to a great “Ottoman ransacking” from 1856, which was rapid and terrible. How close the invaders were at that time, is also witnessed by the fact that they set fire to the little church that was in the immediate vicinity of the castle. The present Church of St Anthony of Padua, which is located in its place, was erected in 1874."

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The castle, which the Frankopans built in Stara Sušica, is located near Ravna Gora at 800 metres above sea level, in an untouched coniferous centuries-old forest, remembers both the warring and idyllic days. After the successful resistance of the Ottomans, together with Ravna Gora in 1785, it was declared as a privileged town of the Empire of Croatia-Hungary of King Joseph II, and a gilded monstrance from 1778 as a gift from the Empress Maria Theresa is still kept to his day in the Parish Church of St Theresa of Avila. Recent history also began with the construction of the Via Carolina Augusta road at the beginning of the 18th century, which connects the continent to the Littoral. In the 19th century the castle was owned by Laval Graf Nugent, an Irish aristocrat who was fascinated with the spirit and heritage of the Frankopans and the restorer of the castle at Trsat. In 1890 Rijeka merchants Felix and Joseph Neuberger bought it and they restored the castle in the Romanesque style of their time. Then with the addition of a tower and a spire the castle received its final shape – it shone with the shine of the new age. At that time, namely, in Stara Sušica there was a glassworks, and upstream from it, along the stream, there was a sawmill, which supplied both the castle and the estate with electricity.