Sea bay, peace and olives

Municipality of Punat

The name of the town Punat according to tradition comes from the Greek word “pontes”, as a reminder of the bridge that connected the two shores of Puntarska Draga. In line with the name, the settlement bridged a number of historical events, always being a shelter - for sailors and religious followers. Its characteristic is preserved to this day here: the oldest Croatian nautical harbour is located in Punat, and on Košljun is one of the most picturesque Franciscan monasteries.

According to legend, during Roman times a bridge existed across the narrow entrance to Puntarska Draga towards the town of Krk. It is claimed that the first inhabitants of the Punat region were in fact the Counts of Krk, in order that they protected access to the bridge. The little stone houses squeezed into the narrow streets in the old town centre with their recognisable coastal ambience give Punat its charm, whilst tourists particularly value the whiteness of the nearby pebble beaches. On the land Punat is surrounded by olive groves, Punat’s famous olive oil is not only claimed to be food but in the right amounts as medicine too.

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