A vista to remember

Novi Vinodolski

Since the appearance of smartphones countless selfies have been taken in front of the famous panorama of Vinodol, with the red roofs and bell tower in the air, there is no doubt that this is one of the most favourite of tourist motifs on the coast. Click it yourself - and start a walk with the guardian of Vinodol.

From the Frankopan castle to the tourist pearl, the history of Novi Vinodol can be sketched. Erected for the defence of the southeast entrance to the fertile Vinodol valley, Novi Vinodolski was as early as the mid-19th century one of the first tourist places of the coastal region thanks to the evergreen vegetation, mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and air. The credit for this should certainly also go to the cultural legacy, which permeates from the ethnic heritage. For example, at Kameni stol in Novi Vinodolski folk tradition is maintained; a wheel dance with the singing of heroic songs and beautiful folk costumes. The tradition has been declared an intangible cultural heritage. Novi Vinodolski is also famous for the fact that in Croatia it has the longest history in the search for justice. It was here in 1288 that the Law Codex of Vinodol was adopted, the oldest of such a legal document in Croatia, and as a reminder of that the Croatian Institute for Human Rights operates here in the town today.

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