Valley of the meeting of worlds

Municipality of Vinodol

To whichever of the 6 Vinodol vantage points you climb a view of Velebit, the Velebit Channel, the Kvarner islands, Učka, and the whole of the valley to Grižane will open up to you, and it will immediately become clear that the Vinodol valley is an ideal place for a break. This doesn’t mean taking it easy, because Vinodol offers plenty of activities, from those sporting to those linked with exploring the many historical and cultural attractions. And all in an atmosphere of authentic cuisine, wine and accommodation.

Once the dividing line of the Byzantine and Venetian worlds, Vinodol today connects the Croatian maritime zone with the forested regions. In the time of the Frankopans this region gained specific importance which is witnessed by the Law Codex of Vinodol, the first Croatian collection of legal regulations and their foundation of Novigrad (today’s Novi Vinodolski) as the administrative centre. From the time of the Counts of Krk a custom is linked to the end of the harvest, when among the harvesters, Ružica, the hardest working and most beautiful girl, was chosen. Based on this story a festival, which attracts many curious visitors in August, was brought back to life. This is just the beginning of getting to know Vinodol, which offers many opportunities for resting and entertainment, it is a favourite holiday spot for walkers and hikers, sailors, cyclists and paragliders. For those who are more interested in cultural events there are concerts during the Vinodol Summer Evenings and even a tour of the Klović House in Grižane, the collection of the 'Michelangelo of the miniature', the world famous Renaissance miniaturist Julije Klović (Giulio Clovio).

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