Paradise with a divine source

Municipality of Ravna Gora

If Božji studenac, a spring that supposedly has healing properties, was the only wonder of Ravna Gora it would still deserve a visit. But it isn’t, from the centuries’ old forests to Ravna Gora’s delicious produce, it is an ideal place to fall in love with nature once more.

If during the summer heat you don’t know where to go, then Ravna Gora, a place which took its name from the plateau which passes down the old Via Carolina Augusta road, is ideal for you. The summers here are such that you don’t need air conditioning. In this atmosphere you can enjoy walks through hilly forest trails, the village is surrounded by the peaks of Bjelolasica, Višnjevica and Suhi Vrh, and from the other side by Javorova Kosa and Kosica. Recreation possibilities are abundant, and one of the special ones is that in the ‘Višnjevica’ hunting ground where you can be a hunter who shoots – but only with a camera!

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