Stone flower of the island

Town of Krk

Krk is one of the oldest island settlements in Croatia, its origin is Civitas Curictarum which was established in the 4th century. Antiquity notes it as “the people of Krk’s splendid town”, and the Frankopans were also proud of it as an Adriatic pearl. The fascination with the town has lasted to this very day - Krk has been awarded multiple times with the highest tourist acknowledgements as a special destination.

Whether you’re a history lover, a traveller looking for sporting challenges, a tourist seeking pleasure and fun or all three together – you will fulfil all of your wishes in Krk. The town has the most complete preserved fortified walls in Croatia after Dubrovnik, and they date back to Illyrian times. Both the Romans and the Counts of Krk built upon their foundations giving the town its famous castle, the shape that still dominates today. In front of the castle is the Kamplin square, on which attractive archery contests are held. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the most important architectural monument, it is right here that a tour of Krk’s fascinating and rich urban heritage begins. With a number of hotels and campsites and a network of excellent restaurants, Krk is a favourite place for a holiday, which can be seen by its inclusion in the European Best Destinations Club. The beach and sailing attractions alternate with those of the island’s interior, the numerous inter-connected cycling trails.

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