Role of the Frankopans in cultural momentum and spread of spirituality

Interpretation centre Trsat

"Of all of the Frankopan manorial estates, Trsat bears witness the best to the duality of their aristocratic character. The Frankopans distinguished themselves as military commanders and legislators, however, at the same time they also directed their wealth to the development of culture and art. They were patrons and protectors of the Croatian language and Glagolitic writing and showed themselves to be generous donators to the Church."

There is no region in the Frankopan possessions in which their close connection with the Church is not seen: various documents confirmed the granting of goods to the monks, they allocated them new estates. The Frankopan patronage was enjoyed more by the Church orders, two of them had a special place – the Franciscans and Paulines. For their donators the monks prayed for the forgiveness of their sins and the salvation of the soul of the deceased, however, there were also important secular reasons the Frankopans’ patronage. The support for the Church also brought political points, it skilfully used the donated resources and contributed to economic development. Through the control of Church institutions, the Frankopans also strengthened their secular authority. Members of the family often expressed their faith very personally and intimately with endowments.