Architectural traces of the Frankopans, a statement of social control on the island of Krk

Interpretation centre Krk

"Krk castle, a building which inside combines military, public and economic and residential functions, is not only a material testimony to the time of the Frankopans. It is still a powerful architectural symbol of the organisation of social control and the network of their aristocratic power."

From the 12th to the 15th century the Frankopans built the castle on Krk, giving it a defensive function as well as the possibility of sheltering the local people during attacks. The construction of the fort was built on the foundation of the earlier, Roman and Late Antiquity, phases of the town. The square tower, the oldest part of the castle, was initially a cathedral bell tower and later it was a courthouse. The Latin inscription on the lunette built-in above the entrance door to the tower also confirms these adaptations (see in the illustration). It highlights how this was a joint venture by the whole of the municipality at the time of the Bishop of Krk Ivan and Counts of Krk Bartol I. and Vid I.