The Ottoman breakthroughs and political turmoil in the Frankopan era

Interpretation centre Grobnik

"Grobnik castle is on a 466-metre-high hill, between the left bank of the Rječina river and Grobnik Field. This important strategic point was under the ownership of the Counts of Krk – the Frankopans and it was the westernmost defensive line of their mediaeval Vinodol."

Legend says that Grobnik Field took its name from the graves of Tatars and Croats, killed in a battle that allegedly took place in 1242, however, due to the lack of evidence this story has remained unsubstantiated. The southwestern tower with the former ground-floor Chapel of Saint Helen is the oldest part of the fort, whilst the core of the castle with its triangular floor plan with towers at the corners was built in the 15th to 17th centuries. Grobnik had great defensive importance for the Frankopans. At the time of Ottoman incursions, after the Battle of Krbava Field in 1493, Bernardin Frankopan often stayed in Grobnik.