Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is an area of extremely rich cultural and historical heritage, deeply woven into the identity of this region and the people who settled here for a long period of time, but also for all of us who live in this area today. This photomonography is a record of only one part of the valuable heritage of our ancestors, the Frankopan castles, which Primorje-Gorski Kotar County began to renovate fifteen years ago in order to preserve it for future generations and present it as a tourist asset under the common name of the Routes of the Frankopans.

The photomonography is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian language.


Picture books, with their text and picture build the first aesthetic criteria in a child. Therefore, the picture book must be of a good quality, it must be visually beautiful, imaginative, playful, humorous, always taking into account the developmental needs of a child who either reads it on its own or others read it to him. The picture books about Frankopans are all that!

Surrender to them and find out the secrets of the castles; what kind of sound is coming from the attic of the castle in Brod na Kupi, how the Bribir girls are having fun with something interesting, what does the baškot in Bakar taste like, how does the Grobnik mill creak, what does Stjepan who lives in the Trsat castle say, who are the miners of Čabar, why Ivan, Vid and Henrik are rushing to the beach in Krk and what magic happened in Kraljevica.

The edition of picture books of the Cultural-Tourist Route The Routes of Frankopans consists of eight picture books related to the sites of interpretation centres.

The picture books are available in Croatian and English language.