Frequently asked questions

What are the opening hours of the castle Nova Kraljevica?

The castle is open throughout the day, from morning until 11 pm. Visitor's Centre of the cultural route is open from 15:00 to 21:00. Other facilities in the castle have many users: Tavern Frankopan, Gallery Ana Katarina, Folklore Society Lanterna, CMS Zvijezda Danica, Tourist association of the City of Kraljevica, dance centre...

Is there an entry fee for the Visitor Centre in the castle Nova Kraljevica?

No, entrance and exploring the Visitor Centre Kraljevica is free of charge.

Is it possible to explore the Stara Sušica Castle?

A number of citizens of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County have visited this castle in their school days, and many would be happy to renew their memories. Until 2017 the castle was exclusively a vacation home for youngsters, but now it is also available for adult groups.

How to reach Košljun?

From the Punat seafront, ships are regularly transporting visitors to the islet of Košljun. The ride takes about 5 minutes. There are four museums on Košljun within the monastery: archaeological, sacral, ethnographic and natural history. The museum's working hours are from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and on Sundays and holidays from 10:30 to 12:30. During the church service, the entrance to Košljun is not charged.

Why so many Zrinski castles on the Frankopan route?

The story of Frankopan and Zrinski is repeatedly intertwined through history. Members of these families were seigniorial economic and political associates, friends and spouses. Many of the Frankopan's territories have passed into the legacy of Zrinski's through marriage, and the dexterous Zrinski's were upgrading and improving them.

What's in the Frankopan library?

Next to the marble fireplace of Ana Katarina Frankopan, you can enjoy the literature we are carefully collecting: Medieval history of the Island of Krk, Vinodol and Gorski Kotar (proceedings, laws, glagolitic monks, naval battles, history of the forts, medicine and nutrition of the Middle Ages, tuna fishing...), history of Frankopans and Zrinski (biographies, documents, anecdotes, battles, heroic and love stories...), Frankopans as writers and writers about Frankopans: historical novels, children's literature inspired by history and legends...

Do you have Frankopan souvenirs?

Souvenirs of the cultural route „The Routes of the Frankopans“ are available at the Visitor Centre Kraljevica. You can choose between bright t-shirts with short sleeves and comfortable long sleeve shirts and we also offer badges with pictograms. New in our offer is the Frankopan´s Tea which consists of the various herbs from Kvarner region.

What should we know about the pictograms?

The pictograms of the expanded logo of the Cultural route “The Routes of Frankopans” are representing the wealth of stories of this family. Symbols and the meanings can be found in the album of our Facebook page:

What's that I can hear in the Visitor Centre Kraljevica?

The experience of our Visitor Centre is completed by the music scene, or, the sound collage inspired by the natural and traditional sounds of Kvarner region and Gorski Kotar. Sound collages are leading us through the various ambiences associated with the Frankopan family over the centuries: sea and ships, hurricanes, forests and fields, birds, streams, crowds of people, horses in the haystacks, crickets, fire and fireplaces... The selection of music, based on the counterpoint of the local songs from the area of the Island of Krk and Rijeka together with the Renaissance medieval music, illustrates the cultural affiliation of Frankopans as well as Croatia´s - part of Slavic, Balkan - and other Central European.

I have an idea!

You need a stage to accomplish your artistic talents? You have a vision for new attractions in Frankopan castles? As fair and friendly residents of the castle, we are opening the door of our Visitor Centre to hear all the good ideas! Contact us via official e-mail address or find us on Facebook (Kulturna ruta Putovima Frankopana).

Who to contact?

The seat of the Cultural Route is in the castle Nova Kraljevica, where the Visitor Centre Kraljevica is located. All inquiries related to the cultural route can freely be sent to or you can call us on the phone number +385/51-281-800. Our employees will gladly answer!